At Bridge Dental Care we have access to many different orthodontic systems. We can straighten teeth for people of any age. We can also straighten teeth if you’ve had orthodontic treatment before and your teeth have moved since.


In recent years orthodontics has progressed hugely, being much quicker and less obvious, with some braces being near invisible. Braces can now be made more comfortable and are less intrusive and easier to wear.


For adults interested in orthodontic treatment, please call and ask for a free consultation* to discuss your needs.


Invisible braces

At Bridge Dental we are pleased to offer Lingual braces (invisible braces). You already know about the traditional metal braces placed on the front of the teeth, Lingual Braces are different. Lingual Braces feature custom-made brackets that perfectly fit on the back of the teeth (lingual - tongue side). This provides excellent control and allow us to achieve precise movements. Lingual braces can treat a wide range of problems including severely crowded teeth, spacing and teeth that don’t bite together properly.


Lingual braces are quickly becoming one of the most popular "invisible" treatment options. For more information visit www.lingualsystems.co.uk



Invisalign is a discreet way to straighten teeth using custom-made, almost completely transparent aligners. Gain a straighter smile if your teeth have become crooked or misaligned. All you have to do is change your custom-made plastic aligners according to Invisalign recommendations.


Fast brace treatment

People often get in touch with us seeking improvement in the appearance of their smile and want the shortest time possible. Often this is due to an upcoming event such as a wedding or a significant birthday. Sometimes simply the thought of wearing a conventional braces for a long time is just off putting.


There are many quick brace treatment options on the market such as ‘Six Month Smile', 'Inman' or 'Quick Straight Teeth'. Our Specialist orthodontist will guide you though your options and proscribe the best possible treatment for you.

If you would like any more information on any of our  orthodontic treatments please visit our website or contact us below


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