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Having had gum & dental issues for quite some time I’ve interacted with a number of professionals in the space for about 20 years. Helen the Hygienist & the team @ bridge dental have been nothing short of extraordinary. The marvellous treatment has relieved pain and improved conditions in my mouth along with educating & encouraging my diligent self-maintenance between visits. My wife has shared similar success. Thank you...



I would like to thank Dr Len, Sue and the team at bridge dental for the incredible service I have received. The level of professionalism is something you rarely experience and when you do it makes you feel a million dollars, I honestly struggle to put into words how good Dr Len was during the consultation stage and how pleased I am with the results he achieved. He put me right at ease from start to finish. Sue was fab she was always on hand if I had any questions or concerns.  I cannot recommend this place enough.

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