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Kids club

At Bridge Dental Care we want our young patients to understand that prevention is always better than cure. So throughout the Summer we will be running Kids Club!


Keeping a close eye on a child’s teeth while the dentition develops is incredibly important and we pride ourselves in being able to do this in a relaxed and friendly way.


We work with all children aged from 6 months to 18 and apply the same exacting, high standards to every treatment we offer. We provide numerous types of examinations and consultations, and we pride ourselves on taking the time and effort to fully understand each individual child’s needs and carry out thorough examinations to assess requirements.

We usually suggest that parents start bringing their children for dental check-ups once their milk teeth appear. We want to ensure that we can give advice to you to help keep your child’s teeth healthy now and into

the future. Things like dietary habits develop from a young age, so it's good to start thinking about them early. We will help you in gently recommending the healthiest dietary and oral hygiene habits, so that your child is far more likely to enjoy beautiful healthy teeth for their whole life.


Being a member has some cool benefits.

You’ll get a welcome ‘goodie bag’, loads of great comics and magazines to read, and when you visit and do really well we’ll give you a gift to show everyone how great you’ve been.


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